Best Acoustic Guitar Under 200 (Top 5 For 2019!)

When it comes to buying a great best acoustic guitar under 200, it doesn’t seem like much but there are some great brands that have been catering to the enthusiasm of the short-on-cash guitar players for decades now. These brands are known for crafting some great quality acoustic guitars which look and sound great without pressing on the pockets.

Make no mistake, these are no Martins and Taylors acoustic guitars under 200 dollars these guitars can offer a great musical experience as compared to the countless other low-grade guitars that are flooding the market. These acoustic guitars boast of well-crafted design and efficient hardware which is perfectly suited for the beginners as well as intermediate guitar players.

It is not impossible to find a great but cheap guitars and in this article, we have come up with 5 great acoustic guitars under 200 dollars that are in every way a great investment. So don’t lose hope yet and read on!

Acoustic Guitar Ratings Price
#1 Ibanez IJV50 4.7/5
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#2 Oscar Schmidt OG2 4.5/5 Check Price at Amazon
#3 Washburn WD7S 4.9/5 Check Price at Amazon
#4 Yamaha FG700S 4.8/5 Check Price at Amazon
#5 Gretsch G9500 4.7/5 Check Price at Amazon

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Acoustic Guitars Under $200 – Guitar Reviews

Our picks for good under $200 acoustics!

1. Under 200 Top Choice – Ibanez IJV50 Jam Pack Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez IJV50 Acoustic Guitar Jam Pack

Editor Ratings: [usr 4.7]

The Ibanez IJV50 Jam Pack best acoustic guitar under $200 has earned its name for providing a sturdy design along with tone that is far superior to all the other guitars in this price range.

  • The IJV50 features a classic Dreadnought body shape with back and sides made of Agatha wood whose beautiful dark texture looks great in contrast with the natural top.
  • The Spruce top gives way to those full and richer vibrations that brings out a wide range of harmonics and at the same time is adorned with an attractive natural finish along with a classy black pickguard.
  • The Neck is made from solid Mahogany that offers great stress endurance and is glues on to the body to achieve that extra stability.
  • The fingerboard is made from the classic Rosewood that consists of 20 frets that are marked with Dot Inlays for easier playability. The Fingerboard is 18 inches long and features an Ivorex 2 nut.
  • The Ibanez headstock is fitted with the six classic Chrome tuners that are the standard in low-range best acoustic guitars under $200 as they allow for easy and stable tuning. The stylized bridge is made from good Rosewood and has an Ivorex 2 saddle.

Consider one of these best options for best acoustic guitars under 200!

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2. Oscar Schmidt OG2 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Oscar Schmidt OG2 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Editor Ratings: [usr 4.5]

The Oscar Schmidt OG2 is a beautiful piece that is made especially for beginners and offers a low action performance that makes it super easy to play and hold.

  • The Oscar Schmidt OG2 uses the unique Catalpa wood on its back and sides and the body style is the Classic Dreadnought with no cutaways.
  • The Spruce Top is supported by the standard X bracing to provide you with a wide range of tones at your disposal. A High-Gloss finish rounding off the whole body makes the guitar a real looker for sure.
  • The neck is of course the highly flexible and enduring mahogany that ensures resilience at the time of changing stress and prevents the neck from warping. It also features a fully functional Truss rod for improving the neck alignment as per your need.
  • The Rosewood Fingerboard is of size standard in acoustic guitars and consists of 20 frets that are marked with white dot inlays.
  • The Headstock is extremely elegant and is marked with an Oscar Schmidt logo. It is also fitted with six classic chrome tuners that can precisely tune the six steel strings without any real effort.
  • The Rosewood Bridge is specially designed to offer a rich intonation and can sustain the string tension effectively without damping the vibrations.

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3. Washburn WD7S Harvest series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Washburn WD7S Harvest series Dreadnought acoustic Guitars under 200

Editor Ratings: [usr 4.9]

Washburn acoustic guitars are never compromised on quality and that is evident from the harvest series which uses high quality wood make up the body which is incredible at the price at which it is offered.

  • The Washburn WD7S has the classic dreadnought body style that greatly increases the projection and the range of the guitar. It uses Mahogany for crafting the back and sides and tops it off with the gorgeous natural gloss finish.
  • It features a solid Spruce Top along with Quatersawn Scalloped bracing which is known to make the tone warmer and mellower. Washburn claims that the Spruce top will ensure that guitar will sound even better with the coming years and we do not doubt them for a second!
  • The neck is Mahogany with the graceful Satin finish and also featured is a Rosewood Fingerboard that has a comfortable 25.5 inch scale length and a 1.6 inches wide ABS nut.
  • The Washburn logo encrusted headstock is supporting 6 D’Addario light steel strings which are strung up on six premium die-cast Chrome Tuners. A rosewood Bridge with a ABS saddle is built to maintain the perfect pitch.
  • Other Appointments to the Washburn WD7S include the cream multi-lam binding a distinct custom wood inlay for the Rosette.

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4. Yamaha FG700S Solid Top Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha FG700S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

Editor Ratings: [usr 4.8]

When it comes to looks, nothing can beat a Yamaha. In its FG ‘folk guitar’ series Yamaha has introduced a deadly combination of deluxe specifications at an unbelievable price.

  • The Yamaha FG700S guitar makes use of its signature Nato wood on the neck, back and sides on its Dreadnought body.
  • The top is a Solid Sitka Spruce which is highlighted by a classy natural gloss finish that looks and feels spectacular. A solid top brings out a wide intonation and balanced harmonics, giving your guitar versatility to play all styles of music.
  • The Rosewood Fingerboard has the standard 25.5 inch scale length over a total of 20 frets and is marked with white Dot inlay for faster accessibility over the Fingerboard
  • The Traditional Yamaha Headstock has six Die-cast Chrome Tuners that are a common standard found in almost every acoustic guitar in this range. The Rosewood Bridge and the 1.6 inches wide Nut together stabilize the Tuning in the steel strings and hold them at the perfect tension without getting strained.
  • The Black Tortoise pickguard enhances the look of the Yamaha FG700S and gives a complete rockstar feel.

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5. Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Guitars

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Guitar

Editor Ratings: [usr 4.7]

The Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy is a parlor-sized guitar but despite that this is one powerful acoustic guitar. Extremely comfortable to hold with full-volume projections, this guitar is well-suited to be heard over a crowded hall or a full stage.

  • The non-cutaway parlor-sized body of the guitar is made completely from Agathis including the X-braced top. This softer tonewood creates a lively and full tone and the wood ages extremely well with time.
  • The c-shape Nato neck is attached to the body at the 12th fret which calls for greater playability. The Rosewood Fingerboard has a total of 18 frets over a 24 inch scale and features Pearloid dot position inlays.
  • The classic D’Addario EXP-26 Phosphor Bronze strings are easily tuned to perfection with the open-back geared Tuning Machines.
  • The Rosewood Bridge is holding a compensated PPS saddle in place which makes the vibrations accompanying every note, exceedingly definitive. The plastic nut is the standard size of 1.6 inches and sits atop the Rosewood Fingerboard.
  • The guitar looks incredible with the semi-gloss roundup Burst finish and 1-ply white ‘G’ Graphic pickguard just takes those looks to a whole new good level. This really is one best stunning piece of musical imagery.

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Now, It’s time to take action and grab one of these Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitars under $200 Dollars as soon as possible, because the stock is limited. So, Hurry Up!

Acoustic Guitars

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Under $200

Hope this acoustic guitars under $200 article helped you decide what is best for you!

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