Best Electric Guitar Under 500 For 2019 (Top 5)

If you are under the assumption that a High priced Guitar will always be great and a Low priced one will be trashy, you need to do some serious rethinking.

There are some great brands that dishing out some serious axes which provide an incredible value at a very little cost.

They may not match the performance of the 3000 Dollar guitars but they sure can give you a hell lot more than the useless and toneless guitars of the same price.

In this article, you will get to know about the Best Electric Guitars that 500 Dollars can buy.

These do not include some nameless faces but the most popular Brands that have been known to deliver instant Guitar Satisfaction (and now it’s a thing).

They are perfectly suited for the novice guitarists and even veteran players who do not have a wad of cash stuffed up in tin cans.

If you care about the value contribution that a guitar can make to your music and not showing off your flashy and tuneless gear then read on.

Electric Guitars Under $500 Recommendations

Electric guitars under $500!

#1. Epiphone ” Tom Delonge ” Signature ES-333 – Our Top Guitar Under $500 Choice

Epiphone Tom Delonge Signature ES-333

Editor Ratings : [usr 5.0]

Epiphone has developed a one-of-a-kind signature model with the ES-333 which is build to exactly match the specifications of the Blink 182’s guitarist, Tom Delonge.

This guitar combines the cool semi-hollow body design of the 50s with the modern electronic pickups that is always stage-ready.

  • The Epiphone ES-333 features a cream colored racing stripe on its body and this paintjob can be instantly linked to Tom Delonge. The guitar has a semi-hollow body with an arched top is made from laminated Mahogany.
  • The Slim Taper Mahogany neck is set into the D-profile and joins the body at the 17th The Satin finish to the neck ensures smoother action and better playability.
  • The Rosewood Fingerboard has the standard 12 inch radius with 22 medium-jumbo frets over a 24 and ¾ inch scale length. The fingerboard has White Dot Inlays marked over its length and a 1 and 11/16 inches wide Nut.
  • The Epiphone also boasts of an awesome Gibson USA Dirty Fingers Humbucker pickup which is just what Tom Delonge liked in his guitar. You can toggle the volume button and your amps to reproduce that smoky Vintage Delonge tone!
  • The Bridge is the exclusive Epiphone Lock Tone Tune-o-Matic with a Stopbar tailpiece that beautifully brings out the sustain.

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#2. Michael Kelly CC55EB Custom Collection 1955

Michael Kelly CC55EB Custom Collection 1955 Electric guitar

Editor Ratings : [usr 4.6]

The 1955 custom collection of Michael Kelly has some pretty unique and stunning designs that they have released with the best of the features. The Sonic supremeness of this guitar is unforgettable.

  • The Top is designed with stripped Ebony that looks remarkably distinct especially in electric guitars. The solid body is made from Swamp Ash and features a genuine Flamed Maple Binding. The guitar certainly has the looks that you would have never seen before.
  • The Maple neck supports a Rosewood Fingerboard with the extremely efficient compound radius of 10.5-16 inches. 22 Medium Jumbo frets line the fingerboard along with a Dot Inlay. The neck also features a Bone nut of the standard size.
  • The CC55EB has a Rockfield Mini Humbucker at the Neck pickup and a Rockfield SWC HUmbucker pickup at the bridge. A 3-way selector switch is also there to swiftly switch between the pickups.
  • The stylish Chrome Hardware of the guitar has die-cast tuner on a spectacular MK 6-inline Headstock and a T-Vintage bridge.

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#3. Michael Kelly MK1955AT

Michael Kelly MK1955AT Electric Guitar

Editor Ratings : [usr 5.0]

Just like the previous one, this guitar is also from the Michael Kelly 1955 custom collection. Kelly has delivered custom looks with an all-round performance that is sure to make the veterans grin in delight. This guitar is a real catch at the price it is offered.

  • The MK1955AT features a solid Swamp Ash body with a Quilt Maple Top that looks and feels stunning to say the least. The body also features a real Flamed Maple Binding that alone sets the guitar apart from the rest.
  • The Neck made from Maple and has a Maple Fingerboard with Amber Trans and Black Wash finish and that is what differentiates it from the rest of the 1950s series.
  • The fingerboard has a compound radius of 10.5-16” that ensures maximum playability and a 25.5 inch long Fingerboard that is divided into 22 Medium Jumbo frets with White Dot Inlays. The neck also holds a Standard Bone nut and the exotic straight Headstock that is a signature of the 1950s style.
  • The Electronics on board include a Rockfield Mini Humbucker on the neck and Rockfield SWC HUmbucker at the Bridge. Also provided are a master volume control and a master tone control along with a 3-way switch toggle between the pickups.
  • The Kelly Mk1955AT Hardware has six classy Die cast Chrome tuners and a T-style Bridge.

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#4. Michael Kelly MK1955RIB

Michael Kelly MK1955RIB Electric Guitar

Editor Ratings : [usr 5.0]

People who own a Michael Kelly swear by its value. The 1955RIB is a truly stunning masterpiece with some really classy chrome hardware that enhances this elegant rocking axe. Leave your reservations behind and take a look at this beauty.

  • The solid Swamp Ash body is complimented by the Quilt Maple top. The guitar features the spectacular real Flamed Maple binding that is typically seen in much more expensive Electric guitars.
  • The guitar features a strong Bolt-on Maple neck with an Amber Trans and Black wash finish. Michael also has the same guitar consisting of a Rosewood Fingerboard with a Caramel Burst Finish. This guitar can blow you away with sheer good looks.
  • The Rosewood fingerboard has a compound radius of 10.5 inches to 16 inches that make playing even more memorable as the radius decreased with the upper frets and the grip on the chords remain strong. The Fingerboard is marked by Dot Inlays over 22 Medium Jumbo frets.
  • The electronics are superb with the Rockfield Humbucker pickup system that pronounces that bite in the sound to liven up the music and you can set the pickups via a 3-way selector switch.

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#5. Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Electric Guitar

Editor Ratings : [usr 4.6]

The exquisite Les Paul design when teams up with some complex electronics and classy hardware, we got ourselves a Epiphone Standard. This guitar has won over so many hearts that we might just consider calling it the best rock-n-roll machine that 500 Dollars can buy!

  • A solid Les Paul Body crafted from Mahogany is fitted with a maple top to achieve a more robust build.
  • The Mahogany neck casted in a C-profile gives an inherent stability to the design which is reinforced by the Rosewood Fingerboard.
  • The most striking feature of the Fingerboard is the white Trapezoid Inlays, exclusively developed by Epiphone. We also have 22 Mediu- Jumbo on the fingerboard which rounds up to a comfortable 12 inch radius.
  • The guitar is provided with two pickups at the neck and the Bridge and they are the classic High-power Humbucker pickup system with Alnico Magnets. A 3- way selector switch further increases the optional settings.
  • A Locking Tune-o-Matic Bridge with a Stopbar locks up those strings so that you get a top-notch sustain to rock your gigs. The Guitar also has sealed Grover Tuners and a Plastic Nut to perfectly retain the tuning.

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So these are the total 5 best electric guitars that lies under $500.

You can select anyone of the above guitars. All these guitars are completely able to fulfill all your needs.

I hope you would select the right guitar for you.

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Do let us know about your experience with these guitars. Best of luck 😀

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