Epiphone DR 100 Review

If you are in the market to buy a top quality guitar, you may want to check out this review. These guitars are no longer considered cheap, and establishing their reputation day by day. Yet, they are the preferred choice of a large number of music enthusiasts with a tight budget. In return for a modest investment, you get to enjoy a lot of features from this great product.

Specifications of the DR 100

Epiphone is a very popular brand that provides well built guitars, and this is not an exception in this respect. With its appealing, sleek look and amazing built, the product succeeds in drawing the attention of all. The fingerboard of the guitar is constructed from rosewood to give fine tones. It has a select spruce top and features a 14-degree headstock that provides you more pressure at the nut. Finely built in the mahogany body, DR100 is available in natural, ebony and vintage sunburst finishes.

Body and neck

If you ask any experienced guitarist who have bought this guitar, he will tell you why it is the best acoustic guitar. Epiphone went with a perfect combination of mahogany for the body and select spruce for the top. As such, it gives one of the best tonewood combinations today. Compared to a standard neck, the Epiphone’s SlimTaper profile allows for much better speed without compromising the grip.


As far as hardware is concerned, it shares the same configuration like its competitors. The highlight of the hardware includes the standard rosewood bridge with a synthetic saddle, a nut and a set of die-cast tuners. Once set up correctly, you are ready to generate thrilling sounds.


Sound of the DR 100

When it comes to sound, DR100 punches well above its shipping weight class. The DR 100 is one of the few known acoustics in the affordable range that reacts to all styles of playing and tuning, including using a slide. Although preferred for all occasions, it is best suited for light stage uses.

Excellent tone

Inspite of the low price, Epiphone has crafted a guitar that delivers warm, mellifluous sound on gritty undertones. It can be described as sweet thunder in conjunction with the rich, full sound to impress many players. Also, there are literally no problems with dead frets or buzzing. You can enjoy comfortable playing all throughout your practice.

Thanks to the rosewood and mahogany combination, you may expect sweet and complex highs, and the thick, creamy lows. For clear sounds, the guitar features a solid spruce top, making it ideal for beautiful music. Whether you love highs and lows, you are sure to create desired tones of all levels with this amazing wood piece.

Classic and sturdy built

There is nothing that needs to be improved with the dreadnought shape. As such, Epiphone gives the piece a unique feature with the blend of spruce, mahogany and rosewood. With a perfect mix of these three, you have a balanced tone and bright sounds.

The DR100 by Epiphone comes with a mahogany neck; this built is in itself a telling feature about the sturdiness of the piece. Although it is resilient to stand by itself, the body includes a truss rod for added support. The string gauge (light) could be strummed effortlessly while bringing the thick lows and complex highs together for a wonderful jamming session.


Quality and durability are the name of the game when buying a guitar, and the DR 100 lives up to these parameters in all respects. With a quality construction that is meant to last longer, the piece provides enough durability to serve you for years. The best thing about DR 100 is it can stand the testing of time and travel. You can expect to accompany the piece on numerous occasions without worrying about any major wear and tear. Also, taking care of the model is not a big issue. With little care, you are all set to create amazing sounds with this top of the line piece.

The Epiphone Affordability

People who are just starting out with a new guitar do not wish to expend too much on a new piece. The same is the case with professionals who invest in guitars every once in a while. Such people always hunt for guitars that can fit in their budget without causing a lot of burden on their finances.

Here, it turns out to be the most obvious choice. By investing a minimal sum, you can own a good quality guitar that will produce fine tones for years to come. If you are still doubtful about the quality for such an affordable price, you may look at reviews posted by people who have bought it to clarify your doubts.

DR100 Comfort and good action

Although the action is a bit low, there are no dread spots on the fretboard. The guitar is of the perfect length, and this makes it easy to chord. You can use this guitar for various kinds of genres and strumming styles while maintaining its excellent tones.


While any affordable guitar comes with some major cons, you won’t find any such thing. The model comes with a sharp fret that may be troublesome for beginners without callouses. While the guitar produces fine highs and lows, the mid it bit lacking, However, it is not a major issue.


Epiphone has given a lot of competition to its counterparts by releasing Epiphone’s DR 100 version. While this is not a new model, it still dominates the affordable range and is a favored choice of many guitarists. Epiphone’s expertise, experience, make and use of decent tonewood are the main reasons for the popularity of this guitar. No matter whether you are searching for a decent piece of wood to practice on or buying your first guitar, it is something that is highly recommended to guitarists of all levels and expertise. In accordance with the above Epiphone DR100 review, you can easily decide why picking this model is an ideal choice to get going in the world of music.

Definitely an excellent beginner acoustic guitar.

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