Martin DRS2 Review

Today, a lot of individuals are enthusiastic about making a career in the music industry. Higher income, fame and name are some of the popular reasons why modern day youngsters prefer a career in the world of music. Most of these enthusiasts love to play guitar. If you are one of these enthusiasts, you may want to own a high quality wood piece that will deliver quality sound on the stage. This is where the Martin DRS2 comes into the picture to help out. The following will give you a good insight on why choosing this model is a wise option.

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Specifications and features of Martin’s DRS 2

Representing an exceptional value, the DRS2 gives performers a dreadnought acoustic electric that doesn’t compromise with that legendary Martin quality, tone and playability. It has a 14-fret dreadnought body made out of solid sapele and back sides with a durable Sitka spruce top for fantastic balance, tone and projection. The select neck (hardwood) is carved into the performing style of the legendary Martin. It also features the ergonomic top performance taper for an outstanding fretting hand feel.


Solid wood body

This DRS2’s solid wood construction generates a tone that is at par with some of the most expensive guitars in the market. Due to its Sitka spruce, the model gives the right amount of volume and tone. This simply adds the perfect amount of clarity and bass to make the guitar sound more phenomenal. Since the Sitka spruce is a very expressive tone wood, it delivers the right dynamics that bolster the defined melody and uniqueness associated with the Sitka spruce. The back and sides of the model are made from solid sapele Mahogany, giving a strong built and look to the model.

Neck size built for better comfort

For an exceptional chord hand feel, the hardwood neck is placed into the profile of this model. It features the ergonomic taper for high performance while extending added comfort to the performer. Along with this, you can find a 20-fret fingerboard for enhanced playability and fun. Additionally, the 28 dot fingerboard provides that much sought after Martin look that is classic as well as iconic.

Plug and play electronics

Meant for plug and play, the model comes fully equipped with the Fisherman Sonitone electronics for delivering great plugged-in music and sound. The model also features a richlite belly bridge, a white tusq saddle (16-radius), a set of tuning machines and a white nut (Corian). In order to bind all these accessories together, the model is housed in the hard shell case, and this provides added cover and safety to the piece.

Great action

The action seems seamless once you start to play this model. Just like any other Martin model, the Martin DRS 2 is all set to get going when you plug the guitar. With its deep and resonant sound, the model plays just like butter, creating silky smooth sound. In addition to this, the really rich bass puts the performance right on the top of the world. The highs and middles blend perfectly and every song seems to be heavenly. From folks to rock and even country, everything works well and you will never need to buy another guitar again.


With certified sustainable wood parts, you can tune this guitar and play for a very long time. You don’t have to adjust it frequently, and this makes it perfect for long gigs and performances. The DRS2 is just right for practicing, jamming, performances in small venues or just in your living room.


This model has one of the most comfy necks, which makes it comfortable and easy to use and play for long time periods. The taper and narrow profile allow you to run your hand across the neck easily. Without the pressure and stress in the hand, you get the right grip on the neck when playing the guitar.


Since the model is crafted from hardwood, you can expect the piece to last for a long time. Whether you are a professional guitarist or a budding, you can easily enjoy the companionship of this model for years. Due to its strong built, the model is all set to withstand weather conditions and the testing of time. All you need to do is take little care and attention of the model to keep it in good working condition.


Some music lovers are skeptic about the model due to its low price. While it is true that you get what you pay for, the DRS2 model denies this saying and provides top of the line sound quality. It lets you produce sweet lows and highs when performing on the stage. If you are still skeptic, you can take a look at reviews and recommendations posted by folks who have actually bought this model. In view of the reviews and ratings, you will be in a position to decide why you should not invest in this exceptional piece.


Some users face difficulty in changing the battery; you can’t change the battery without removing the strings. Also, the model is susceptible to humidity due to its wood built. So great care needs to be taken to keep it from humid conditions, especially during the rainy season. Other than these cons, the guitar makes a great choice for music lovers of all levels.

Closing words

A good piece of guitar is something that every music enthusiast would like to have in his hand for creating silky, acoustic sounds. Although a lot of brands exist in the market, Martin is a popular name that thrives to live up to the expectations of guitarists in all respects. For anyone who expects luxury without shedding a lot of money, the DRS2 is an ideal piece. The above makes it pretty clear that the model is a complete package instrument with an economical price tag. This is why most of the guitarists prefer this model for creating acoustic sounds on stages and at homes.

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Definitely an excellent acoustic guitar under $1000.

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